Shaolin Kung Fu

Australian Tour

Direct from China, Shaolin Kung Fu is set to captivate Australia with its high-octane kung fu mastery showcasing China’s most accomplished and spirited kung fu performers. Made famous by Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the Shaolin style of kung fu dates back 1,500 years and brings with it the traditions, power and majesty of 32 dynasties of kung fu fighting.

Shaolin Kung Fu presents a dynamic mix of kung fu styles from weaponry using rods, three section staffs, fighting fans, lungchuans, knives and spears to choreographed animal-inspired fight scenes and meditative reflections. Each performance moves seamlessly into the next creating a heady mix of agility, flexibility, stamina and beauty.

Set to an intoxicating soundtrack that mixes traditional Chinese songs with the modern beat of drums and rhythm, the action of Shaolin Kung Fu will have audiences transfixed from the very first beat.

Mastermind behind Shaolin Kung Fu is Master Shen, heir to the 32 dynasty Shaolin tradition. Trained as a monk in the Shaolin Temple from age 10, Master Shen spent 16 years learning the ancient ways of Buddhism, Taoism and kung fu fighting.

Shaolin fighting monks hold the reputation throughout China as highly honorable, courageous and greatly skilled. Their model of fighting serves today as virtuous and spiritual representation of the Great Spirit present in each living being.

Shaolin Kung Fu producer, Hao Zhou brings these performers to Australia to share the energy and mastery of this ancient art form. “To watch their power being drawn from their mental resolve and inner strength is awe-inspiring. Ninety minutes spent in the company of these remarkable athletes will have you breathless and desperate for more.

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