Spectacular Flower Drum is a theatrical wonder that showcases the amazingly rich and captivating
heritage of China. Her ancient and living history, art and people have long fascinated the Western
World for hundreds of years.

The flower drum has a long tradition dating all the way back to the Ming Dynasty, over 600 years ago. Flower drum songs were originally sorrowful performances by husbands and wives or sisters-in-law who were driven by floods and droughts to beg. The tradition has evolved into a popular
entertainment celebrating life and love. “I designed this performance as a cultural gift to China and New Zealand,” says producer Hao Zhou. “Spectacular Flower Drum is my way of introducing New Zealand audiences to the history and people of my homeland in celebration of this year’s Chinese National Day.”

Hao says, “Spectacular Flower Drum takes audiences on a journey back through time to dynasties long gone but not forgotten, capturing their very essence through music, dance, acrobatics and martial arts.”

True to its name, the show features poignant performances of traditional Flower Drum and Dance. In Woodman’s Bride, the performers tell the story through traditional song and dance of a fox fairy who falls in love with a woodman.

Soprano and Erhu will transport you back through time with beautiful renditions of traditional songs. Soprano Zhang Dan is one of the best singers in China today. She is accompanied by top instrumentalist Wang Yong on the Erhu, a bowed, stringed instrument whose expressiveness truly represents China.

China has long been famous for its acrobatic traditions. This tradition is put on incredible display, demonstrating what total mental and physical discipline can achieve in Flower Drum Theatre, Body Balancing, and Aerial Work. Qigong was developed over centuries to train body, breath, mind together. Bruce Lee’s success in Hollywood made this practice famous throughout the world. Chinese Kung Fu use their mastery of Qigong to break rocks with their bare hands, sleep on the points of swords, and tread barefoot over
broken glass.

The Feather Girls will impress you with their beauty, charm, grace, and the happy tradition of the Chinese Actress.

Spectacular Flower Drum is an evening that will have you captivated from the very first moment. This unique and powerful stage show through its timeless beauty and awe-inspiring dance, kung fu, music and acrobatics will begin a love affair for audiences in New Zealand with this truly beautiful and fascinating country and its people.

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