Heavenly Beauty Journey beyond the heavens

Australian audiences are in for a truly rare treat – the Chinese acrobatic troupe Heavenly Beauty is coming to town. This captivating two-hour event will have audiences on the edge of their seats as they witness some of the most beautiful and complex acrobatic feats ever staged in this country.

The program starts with two lovers soaring high above the stage held in an eternal embrace by a delicate sheath of silk. Suspended in a half world between dream and reality these two lovers take their audience on a journey into the mystery, beauty and richness of ancient China.

The next act sees a single acrobat balancing precariously on a ball and plank of wood with three further acrobats on her shoulders, each spinning silk scarves and towering over the stage.

A solitary acrobat balances motionless on one hand high above the stage contorting her body around herself in an act of unbelievable strength, contortion and beauty.

Heavenly Beauty is set to a dramatic and engaging musical score that uses traditional Chinese motifs in a modern style to mirror the beauty and mysticism of this traditional and mysterious art form.

Heavenly Beauty producer Hao Zhou says "I saw these acrobats perform in China in 2005. I was astounded at what the human body could do – these performers had such strength and flexibility it was like they came from another realm. I wanted to share this experience with Australian audiences and am very excited about presenting them in a series of performances across Australia in 2007," says Hao.

No stranger to Australian audiences, Hao began his performing career as a child acrobatic and dance protégée in China. In Australia, he became a renowned operatic tenor with Opera Australia under the tutelage of Dame Joan Sutherland. "I have always been interested in the acrobatic ability of the human body. As a child I worked physically as an acrobat whilst as an adult I have worked with my voice to achieve the same feats, singing as a bel canto tenor," says Hao.

By the way, Hao is known to audiences for being the only tenor that can sing a high F and do a back flip on stage at the same time!

"I am focused on creating and maintaining a cultural exchange between Australia and China. Since 2003 I have toured the 3 Chinese Tenors, the 3 Sopranos, the Acrobatic Troupe of Imperial China and the Spirit of Shaolin Temple. Australian audiences have responded strongly and it has been such a thrill to be able to facilitate this exchange," says Hao.

Let yourself be taken on a journey beyond the heavens as you witness this captivating and dynamic flight into fantasy. Don't miss Heavenly Beauty.

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