With the Beijing Olympics just around the corner, interest in China’s rich and captivating heritage has never been greater. The Western World has been fascinated by her story for hundreds of years through her history, her art and her people.
Australian audiences can now be part of this dynamic and engaging journey through 3CT International’s presentation - Spectacular China.

“I designed this performance as a cultural gift to China and Australia. I came to Melbourne some twenty years ago to follow my dream of becoming an opera singer. It was this country that gave me my chance. Spectacular China is my way of introducing Australian audiences to the history and people of my homeland in the year of the Beijing Olympics,” says producer Hao Zhou.

“Spectacular China takes audiences on a journey back through time to dynasties long gone but not forgotten. Each act in the program focuses on a particular era in China’s ever-evolving history and captures its very essence through music, dance, acrobatics and martial arts,” says Hao.

Discover Shun, China’s first recorded leader through highly-charged dance. This evocative piece poignantly tells the story of a man so loved by his people that their collective tears on his passing created the Jun Mountains in the Hunan Province.

Protectors of good and punishes of evil, the Shaolin Temple Masters have practised Kung Fu for hundreds of years. Performing a death defying act balancing on a bed of sharpened knives these acrobats showcase both their incredible mental and physical strength.

Inspired by the majesty and timeless beauty of the Great Wall of China, acrobatic master Nie Jian will have audiences transfixed as he balances upside down on the Chair Pyramid some 12 metres above the ground. This piece is as beauty as it is awe inspiring.

Be mesmerised by China’s famous Terracotta Soldiers as they come to life to dance the story of China’s first emperor, Ying Zheng. With some thirty performers live on stage, this piece is underscored by the drums of war, with each dancer telling the tale of conquest and courage through dance, martial arts and acrobats.

From the Song Dynasty, the famous tale of Moulin (inspiring Hollywood films) takes audiences into the world of a farm girl who saves her poorly father from being taken to war by dressing like a man in his place. This piece speaks of the female spirit that protects, nurtures and above all loves.

Last but not least, Genghis Khan, the infamous Mongolian warrior explodes onto stage with his fighting infantry set to a modernised soundtrack capturing this amazing conqueror. Genghis Khan is the only man to have ruled China from ‘outside’.

Spectacular China is an evening that will have you captivated from the very first moment. This unique and powerful stage show through its timeless beauty and awe-inspiring dance, kung fu, music and acrobatics will begin a love affair for audiences across Australia with this truly beautiful and fascinating country and its people.

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