The Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe of China

Celebrating Chinese New Year

For one night only, the Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe of China is set to light up the stage at Skycity – Grand Ballroom (Darwin) in an evening of heart-stopping agility, flexibility and stamina.

Famous for innovation and artistry, the Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe of China brings together traditional and contemporary acrobatic moves in the one performance.

The evening’s program includes bowl balancing, hoop diving, plank jumping, group contortions, rolling candles, spinning scarves, the chair pyramid as well as magic and humour.

Formed in 1961, the Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe of China has been performing for over 48 years through the support and encouragement of the late Chinese Premier, Zhou Enlai.

During this time the troupe has developed its unique performing style and distinct local flavour. The Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe of China is composed of several teams with strong casts.

The troupe’s philosophy is to encourage and foster creativity as well as to maintain tradition and solid cultural links.

The troupe’s Australian producer Hao Zhou, an ex-acrobat from China, wanted Australian audiences to ‘see the awe-inspiring talent and skill of these Chinese acrobats. The different acts being performed will inspire audiences to what is possible and begin a long term relationship between Australia and China,’ says Zhou.

The Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe of China has staged more than sixty programs internationally in over forty countries including: the USA, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Japan, Holland, Monaco and Germany. Though this cultural exchange the troupe hopes to promote an understanding and friendship between China and the world.

‘This will be a night to remember – an evening of energy, agility and emotion. Don’t miss the Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe of China. Their one show in Darwin is set to amaze and inspire,’ says Zhou.

Date: Saturday 20 February 2010
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Skycity – Grand Ballroom, Darwin
Hao Zhou (Director)
PO Box 88 Flemington
Victoria 3031 Australia