Acrobatic Allstars

Australian Tour
Acrobatic Allstars is set to captivate and inspire Australian audiences.
Acrobatic Allstars is a high-energy, ninety-minute performance that showcases China’s most talented and dynamic acrobats in a power-packed program that mixes traditional acrobatics with contemporary movement.

‘A mind-blowing performance from world class acrobats. Truly amazing,’ Lisa (audience member).

‘What incredible and talented performers. I thoroughly enjoyed the show,’ Lauren, (audience member).

Acrobatic Allstars takes audiences on a breathtaking journey of balance, contortion, juggling, spinning - even roller skating! Each act showcases the agility, flexibility and stamina of these remarkable athletes.

Set to an intoxicating soundtrack, Acrobatic Allstars energetically mixes traditional Chinese song motifs with the hard-edge beat of modern rhythm and drums.

Acrobatic Allstars is inspired by producer Hao Zhou and his experience as an acrobatic in China. Hao’s first-hand insight into the commitment, talent and mastery these acrobatics present inspired him to develop a performance especially for Australian audiences.

‘I wanted Australians to see the awe-inspiring talent and skill of their Chinese counterparts. The different acts being performed will inspire audiences to what is possible and begin a long term relationship between the two cultures,’ says Zhou.

Chinese acrobatics have a worldwide reputation for being leaders in this art form. Acrobatic Allstars proves no exception and offers the opportunity to be inspired by China’s most engaging and talented acrobatic sensations.