Spirit of Shaolin Temple with The Acrobatic Troupe of Imperial China.

Drawing on thousands of years of tradition, high kicks and good karma!

3CT International, a leading producer of quality stage productions, is proud to announce the upcoming performances in Darwin of an original, new and exciting production, The Spirit of Shaolin Temple featuring The Acrobatic Troupe of Imperial China.

The Acrobatic Troupe of Imperial China is set to thrill Darwin audiences at Skycity Casino. The Spirit of Shaolin Temple is a unique theatrical presentation, never before seen, featuring the internationally acclaimed acrobatic troupe highlighting the art of Shaolin Kung Fu, an art of disciple and strength where the emphasis is on flow and athleticism, not just fighting.

With a tradition of peace, mysticism and spirituality forged through the centuries, this show combines the unique form of martial arts with the grace and beauty that has become synonymous with the breathtaking routines performed by The Acrobatic Troupe of Imperial China. Both art forms draw on more than 2000 years of history and tradition, and the drama and beauty of Chinese theatre.

Audiences will be amazed and enthralled at the phenomenal feats presented by these extraordinary performers. Incredible feats of strength & skill, emanating complete mysticism & spirituality all combined with a high energy and stunning sound track together with brilliant direction and design.

Producer and co-director, Hao Zhou, having himself grown up performing acrobatics in a Chinese opera troupe, and best known for having mastered the rare art of combining high C's with high jumps as the creator of The 3 Chinese Tenors says, "We are so excited to yet again be touring this vast Australian continent and to be bringing such an electrifying troupe of young performers all the way from mainland China. They are superhuman in what they are able to do with their bodies. Sixteen artists all on stage, all with awesome skills and abilities. It can only be described as jaw dropping." The Spirit of Shaolin Temple is a theatrical presentation giving audiences a glimpse of life as it may have existed thousands of years ago within the walls of the Shaolin Temple itself.

Hao Zhou (Director)
PO Box 88 Flemington
Victoria 3031 Australia